Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Glasgow 1974-78 Photo-zines Reissued

Reissue of my Photo-zines are now available : https://hughhood.bigcartel.com


  1. Hi Hugh - I am an admirer of your work and have the photozines, which are very evocative. Can you help me identify the location of one of the pics, please? It's the double page spread just before the centrefold in Glasgow Streets: The New Era.
    I was brought up on Maryhill Road between Kelvinside Avenue and Rolland Street and this photograph looks very much like that spot when the area was being flattened to make way for the proposed Lomond Expressway, which never came to pass. From this distance in time, can you remember where you took the shot?
    Thanks and again and best wishes, Roddy Forsyth

  2. It was taken from Maryhill Road that I’m sure about, but as for the actual street snaking away down the hill I can’t say what it was called. Apparently the 3 high rise buildings in the far distance are still there and could’ve approximate location using a map. I have tried with no luck to find out what this street was called and other people have suggested various names but i’ve no idea but one day when back in Glasgow it is the location I want to revisit . The street is very distinctive the way it goes down and turns near the bottom. I for a while thought wrongly it was St Margaret drive, but released it was further up Maryhill Road….The photo was taken about 1974-75 and so much has changed. and very sorry I can’t be more precise.


    Hugh Hood

  3. Hugh - I have checked your photo against an old Maryhill street map found on the Lost Glasgow website and I am pretty sure that we are looking at Rolland Street, heading down to the junction with Arden Street (exactly on the centrefold in your book), then Willock Street - behind the telegraph pole. Rolland Street then bends to the right towards its junction with Oran Street.
    The tenements at bottom left were on Marmion Street, which met Kelvinside Avenue just out of sight on the left. Far left in your pic is the top of Kelvinside Ave, where the HLI pub stood. The Strathmore Bar is on the right of the pedestrian, where Rolland Street met Maryhill Road. The Strathmore is still there, now called the Botanic.
    Your viewpoint must have been where the fire station now stands on Maryhill Road, opposite the bridge over the canal which leads to the student village.
    And your shot is of the old back court where I played as a boy. Very evocative.
    Thanks again, Roddy Forsyth

  4. Hi Roddy, Well spotted, this makes sense of the location in the photo. i would regularly come from Bilsland Dr and head down Queen Margaret Drive to meet friends in Byres rd for a drink and would have my camera with me. Even looking at a recent map using your guidance, I can see how it fits. Lots of the streets have disappeared. Next time I'm in Glasgow will go to this location and take a photo to compare.. many thanks Hugh


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