Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mr J Guisti and the Cat

Hi Hugh
Saw your exhibition in the foyer of 103 Trongate and one image in particular brought back memories. I was a policewoman  on the beat in Anderston from 1975 to 1980 and I used to visit J Guisti for cups of tea - a doss in polis parlance. I cannot for the life of my remember the name of the owner or his elderly mother who sat before an open fire but they were both lovely, lovely people. There was a photograph on the wall  of his father and uncles resplendent with leather aprons and beards outside the original business premises at 328 St Vincent street. He was forced to leave the Dorset Street shop and set up shop in Breadalbane Street with his son and another guy - working by the end of the seventies or cornice repairs for the developing  west end.

But the main reason for boring you with all this is the fact that in your photograph - in the left hand window - extreme lower right corner is a plaster of Paris cat. I bought that cat [pic attached]
along with a section of the Elgin Marbles and a wee bust of Handel for the sum of £22. I remember this sum as it was a whole weeks wages but I loved these items and greatly admired their maker. It has made me think of your other images. - other people will have tatts from Terrys and memories relating to the other images. Photographs can be such a catalyst for memories. Could be a research project!

Have ordered  a copy of the image and it will be placed beside the cat. Thanks for making that image.

Kind regards

Linda [Smith]

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  1. The foyer of 103 was also my introduction to your work.


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